Who is Penny?

They say that once in a lifetime you will own your "heartdog".  My heartdog is Penny.  She is a yellow Labrador whose image is found throughout this site.  I have owned many dogs throughout my life to date. My first puppy we got as a family pet when I was in sixth grade.  It was a mixed breed free puppy that you can't find around here anymore.  When I went out on my own, I had a Guinea pig (and 3 more after the first),  when I could have a dog again, it was a Golden Retriever (two actually).  Over the years I owned 4 goldens in total with a Jack Russell mixed in.  Seven years ago after the loss of my last golden, Penny was born.  I visited her while grieving the loss of my beloved Hope.  I never thought she could be my dog as all pups at Rise and Shine Retrievers  were spoken for.  When 2 pups from her litter became available, my daughter and I spoke for them.  In Penny's life, she has qualified for United States Disc Dog Competitions toss and fetch multiple times, she dock dives, she has done scent work, she plays Updog games, she has been in the  newspaper and in pet magazines, people have used her image for collar sales.  She took me on the most unexpected  journey.  One of investing myself in the talent of another.  One of getting out in front of people and performing tricks and playing games with a K9 partner.  She taught me to train, to play, and to incorporate her into my life. I have to mention my hiking partner Woodstock who is my second dog, he made me a better dog trainer, and a person who understands dogs that have enormous personalities.  I also own a Maine Coon looking cat named Emmett.

Penny, Woodstock and Emmett are the reason I want to be in this business.  Everyone who has pet, understands the importance of their pet in their life,   We need someone who we trust that can be there for them when we are not able to be there.  Just because life gets busy, it shouldn't mean that your precious fur baby should have to wait to go outside or wait for their meal or walk.  If you want to spend a day where pets are not able to accompany you, you should be confident that your pet will be taken care of the same way you would.  That your home will be just as you left it.  I keep my service area small,.  So If you need a pet sitter, who does dog walking, and training, a house or cat sitter while you are away lets schedule a 30 minute meet and greet.  I am currently working in a small area and working as a pet sitter part-time due to the economy.

A Team of One 

Kara Stamatelos

Pet Care Professional