I love Animals and will care for your fur babies 

I am  always honored when you put your trust in me to take care of your pets and and other home needs so you know when you get home, all is well. I am insured and bonded through Business Insurers of the Carolinas.  I am using Covid 19 protocols, mask wearing, gloves by request in your home, I am also vaccinated and boosted.  Overnight care is done for current clients only at this time.

Dog Walking

When time is short and your dog needs exercise, a 30 minute short neighborhood walk will do the trick..  I do not take dogs to dog parks and I  follow safety walking guidelines.  I am happy to walk dogs who know each other and are good on leashes together. If your dog needs training walks we can work out a schedule so your dog will walk politely on leash.

Pet Visits

If you need a quick let out and cuddle, or you don't need a walk but playtime in the yard, or your pet is not a dog, visits are  (30, 45 minute or 1 hour) efficient and definitely sweet. 

Mail is brought in, security check is done, plant watering, trash put out, lights and curtains can also be adjusted. 


Cat sitting, Plant watering, collecting mail, watering garden, trash put out or in, or you have other animals that need care we are here for you.