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Changing up the Blog.... read on

You may ask what this picture has to do with dogs or pets. The baby in the picture is me. My parents were married for 7 years and did not end up getting pregnant, so they adopted my non biological sister first and a year and a half later me. I came home to them on Labor Day in 1967. So almost a full 54 years ago. Four years later my mother had a biological daughter, and the two years after that they had another daughter so two adopted daughters and two biological daughters. Why you may ask am I sharing this???? Well because just like any pet you have, I was adopted. Even dogs we purchase from breeders are "adopted". They are not biologically ours but we build a loving relationship with them. I want to use my blog to share the emotional connections I am making with your pets. I connect with them on a level I never dreamed of. Stay tuned as I add to this blog and share the heartfelt stories of pet sitting and how it is fixing my heart.

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