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Fall is here and leaves are turning...

Look for tranquil places to walk your dog... Let those times help you to clear your head from all the pollution that builds up in your mind. Dog walking can see like a chore but in the right places is allows for meditative thinking and the ability to let go of the things that hurt your and fill you with fresh new appreciations for what is right outside your door.

When you have a hard week, walk it off, when you have a great week, appreciate it in nature. It seems that people are always so on edge and so quick to blame others. To take small things and make them into huge things. We all do it. I know that from a young age I was a people pleaser. When you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one. I love to be able to come home to my dogs and let their love wash away all the ick that is around in the world. Just watching them sleep and play helps my soul refresh.

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