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Time for reflection

Each pet that I see and create a relationship with is really changing me. Learning to adapt my personality and traits to comfort different animals is becoming so normal. So much of the time we deal with humans and human emotions. Animals are different, there are some that love affection/interaction and some that don't. There are some that are busy busy and some that aren't . I think in light of world events, there is something huge to be said for acceptance. Acceptance that beings will be different, it isn't our job to try to change others, it is our job to coexist with different wants, likes, needs and desires. By doing this we can reach a place of peace. it may not be perfect but it is a place where coexistence can happen. So when you meet a person or pet that you would like to pat that doesn't enjoy it, accept and respect that. Take time to reflect on yourself and your place in the world. I always know that I talk to much and too long. It is something that I want to work on everyday. I am so glad that animals don't talk, because they will let me talk forever and I talk for the both of us. I just need to remember that when I get back to humans, to scale it back. Adapt and wait my turn.

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