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We just Fell behind on the clock...

I was lucky enough to get on a plane and get to Florida for a few days. I got to see Dog Beach which was full of dogs romping in the ocean! To feel the sand and warm water on my feet after so many years of not going to the ocean was a blessing.

I love the lakes that surround us and swimming in fresh water but there is something special and expansive about the ocean.

We are not into the dark hours of our winter so keep in mind pet sitter timing for walks and locations. Having safety clothing and warm gear is critical but also timing walks for daylight hours for safety is critical.

I have to say I found a new artist Jake Wesley Rogers and you need to check him out. He is a modern day Elton John and makes driving to homes and walking with dogs so nice. It is wonderful to feel music after so many hours of listening to news... I am trying to increase happiness by decreasing news and Jake is definitely going to help. He is out on Spotify. Also on Let him brighten your day!

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