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What do I do with a puppy.... train, train, train....

With a face like this how do you say no? When the pup is barking like mad to get out of the crate, how to you stay strong, when you go to work and leave the pup in the crate and you feel awful, what then????

I think that puppy schedules are great. I found sample ones yesterday online. You can feed, play, crate, then play, walk, crate, then train, play crate. As long as your pup knows when its time for interaction and when it is rest time, you are doing yourself a favor. My dogs were crate trained and now if I were to guess how many hours they spend sleeping in random places, it is most of the day unless we are playing, walking, or on an adventure. Imagine how it must be to get used to everything new. New smells, sounds, bed, people, and other pets... it is an adjustment and I almost feel like I understand it. I was born on 7/23 and placed on 9/7 of 1967. I went from hospital where I never heard my mothers voice again, to infant care with Catholic Charities which I think was St. Peters Home on Kelly Street. to Keene with my parents, an 18 month old, and a cat. I was a hard to settle infant. With all of that in just 6 short weeks it doesn't surprise me. A puppy doesn't leave home until 8 weeks. Think of it. So I understand on a human level what a pup must go through. If you have been home and your dogs are used to you being there, practice crating and leaving, practice, practice, practice. These loving pets can get pretty upset and wreck your things if left to their own devices. My daughter always says if you want to love your dog when you get home, crate!!!! If you leave it to chance and they eat your molding, or drywall, or worse, it gets really hard to like them. You still love them, but wonder how you will survive raising a puppy.

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